Autodialler AD-12


This is an universal Autodialer is specially designed to provide a complete alarm solution, that automatically alerts you or your colleagues immediately once triggered. It can be used in variety of applications, such as to detect power failure, temperature alarms, process control panels and security alarm panels

Key Specifications / Special Features
  • Trigger input (NO or NC) wired alarm system with built-in AD-12 autodialer when activated, it dials the preset telephone numbers and plays the alarm notification voice message.
  • It allows call recipient to listen in, monitor and speak to the intruder, and control the system from anywhere.
  • Very user-friendly features & functions.
  • Built-in microphone for voice message recording (20 sec).
  • Stores up to six telephone numbers (up to 16 digits per number).
  • Preset dialling cycle (up to 9 times).
  • Non-volatile memory stores all programmed data even in power failure status.
  • Site code protected against unauthorized operation and full tamper protection.
  • One button emergency call or test during on site panic or crisis situations.
  • Plug into existing telephone socket.
  • Mains Powered with back-up batteries, battery stand-by time up to 20 hours.




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