Emergency Autodialler

AD02 - Features

  • Approved for connection to telecommunication systems
  • Automatically alerts neighbours, family or friends to an emergency at home
  • Continually dials up to 6 pre-programmed telephone numbers until it receives a positive response
  • Transmits a spoken emergency message giving the telephone number where the emergency has originated

A telephone emergency system which automatically dials up to six pre-programmed telephone numbers to alert neighbours, family or friends that a home emergency has taken place (a fall for instance, rendering the occupant unable to reach the telephone).  It continues to dial those numbers until one is answered and it will then relay a spoken emergency message giving the telephone number where the emergency has originated.  A return call from the recipient confirms the message has been acknowledged and further dialling will cease.  The recipient can now take whatever action has been previously agreed, or seems necessary.The Emergency Autodialler works on a normal BT line in conjunction with a push button radio transmitter (up to 30 metre signal range) with power-on indicator, and receiver.  Easy to set, it has speech recall to ensure correct programming.  Designed for internal use it is connected to the BT line by an existing BT approved master or extension telephone sockets.  Five 'AA' size alkaline batteries (not supplied) power the Emergency Autodialler circuits.  An AC/DC plug-in mains adaptor powers the receiver link, which incorporates a battery back-up enabling the system to continue working in the event of power failure.

AD02 - Specifications

Dialler voltage 4.5V DC 3 x AA size batteries (not supplied)
Alarm voltage 3V DC 2 x AA size batteries (not supplied)
REN 1 J3 additional telephones also with a REN or 1 may be used with the Autodialler)
RF transmitter voltage 9V DC 1 x PP3 battery (not supplied)
Coding 8 bit digital word. 256 combinations.  Pulse width modulation
RF receiver Power supply - via AC/DC mains adaptor (supplied)
Frequency 418 MHz

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