GSM Autodialler AD-01

This GSM Wired Autodialer is specifically designed tom provide a remopte alarm solution for areas that do not have cable or landline telecommunication service.

It can be used such as to detect power failure, temperature alarms, and any other process control panels and is well suited for remote locations such as holiday house, caravan, mobile home, boat, cars or sheds.

Key Specifications / Special Features
  • Two trigger input & wired alarm system with built-in GSM Autodialer, when activated, it dials the preset telephone numbers, sends both the pre-stored alarm notification short messages (SMS) and pre-recorded voice message automatically.
  • Call in to listen in (monitor alarm site) or even speak to the intruder from anywhere.
  • Very user-friendly features & functions.
  • Built-in mains failure detection alarm.
  • Stores up to six telephone numbers & nine alarm SMS text messages.
  • Stores up to 20 seconds voice message.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • All user setup & data pin protected and tamper protection.
  • One button emergency / test call during on site panic or crisis situations.
  • Mains Powered with back-up batteries, battery stand-by time up to 20 hours.



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